The Deadly Town

“Excuse me, are you rosy?”

Hi! I am rosy. I just transferred to my hometown and above lines is said by my childhood friends whom I met in supermarket and her name is Linda. In hometown I live in my grandfather’s house that had died one year ago. This town has only one college but which is so famous around the world for its studies .So my father insisted me to stay here. First I not wanted to go here all alone but when my best  friend said that she will come here  and stay with me after half year  so I agreed and got transferred here . But most things that terrified me were to leave all alone in house.

That day I arranged all my stuff in which Linda helped me then after that we talked a lot and I came to know that see was going to the same college as me I was so happy. She left nearly at 8 o’ clock to catch the last bus. But when she left I felt all alone. I got so scared. So I was not able to sleep that night due to fear. But that night something unusual happened. Nearly at midnight someone knocked my door. My heart was going to burst due to fear. It took lot of courage  but I went near the door and looked through the door hole but no one was there .It made me more terrified that I ran towards my room and covered myself with the blanket and closed my eyes but next time when I opened my eyes it was morning .It was like a terrifying dream. I tried to forget everything but it was again and again striking in my mind. Then suddenly the door bell rang and I shout out loud. But when I heard Linda shooting out loud “what happened?”  I took a relief sigh and opened the door. She looked so worried that I was unable to say the reason and just neglected it. She told me to take rest but leaving at house alone it gave chills in my spin and I just neglected the idea and started to get ready for college in hurry. Nearly at 9 o’ clock we leaved the house. The first day of college was so exciting that I forgot all the bad stuff and that the same thing happened but this time I decided to knock that person off who is doing this prank. So the very next day   I sat near the bushes that night with a tough stick and waited for that person to come. At nearly midnight the door bell rang and without looking any further I jumped in front of the door and I saw  a man who was nearly 60’s was standing there covered with blanket  and then he reached his right hand towards me and it was  covered with blood . By seeing it my hand started shivering and the stick fallen down from my hand and ………………………….

To be continued



a normal high school girl

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